The MENA region is the world's fastest growing online media market with 1987% users growth in the last decade. Arabs represent 5% of the world's web users, yet less than 1% of the world’s websites are in Arabic. With high broadband penetration and new technology adoption rates it’s a prime opportunity for online businesses. Over 100 leading media companies are already capitalising on the opportunity at twofour54º Abu Dhabi.

  • - 100% company ownership in a stable, tax-free environment
  • - unique campus environment with facilitated business networking
  • - easy licensing and business set-up services
  • - on-site digital media, Apple and Adobe authorised training
  • - full on-site HD production and post-production facilities
  • - advice and liaison with UAE content regulatory bodies

Find out how we could help grow your business today.

Download our complimentary white paper to learn about the current state of group buying sites in the UAE, factors driving market growth, key elements for success and their future growth potential.

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